hands of a tea picker holding a hand full of tea

On the lush tea plantations of Kenya, a rich tradition of cultivation and export thrives, symbolizing both the nation's heritage and its economic prowess. At Sun of Africa International, we delve into Kenya's tea legacy, exploring its journey from leaf to cup and its impact on communities worldwide.

Kenya's tea industry traces its roots to colonial times when British settlers introduced tea cultivation in the highlands. Over the years, Kenya has emerged as a global leader in tea production, renowned for its high-quality leaves and impeccable standards. Through innovative farming practices and a
commitment to sustainability, Kenyan tea estates continue to yield some of the finest teas in the world.

The journey of Kenyan tea doesn't end at the plantation gates; it extends across continents, with the best leaves finding their way to tea lovers in North America and Europe. From aromatic black teas to delicate green teas, Kenya's diverse offerings captivate palates worldwide, showcasing the country's dedication to excellence and export empowerment.

Beyond its economic significance, tea holds deep cultural roots in Kenya, serving as a symbol of hospitality, friendship, and communal gathering. Whether enjoyed during leisurely "tea time" rituals or shared among friends and family, tea fosters social bonds and promotes a sense of unity within communities.

As a socio-economic enterprise committed to community development, Sun of Africa International celebrates Kenya's tea heritage. Through our support of local tea producers and export ventures, we empower communities to thrive and share their flavorful traditions with the world. Let’s raise a cup to Kenya's tea legacy and the bright future it holds for generations to come.


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